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IHG® Rewards Club Benefits | IHG® Rewards Club


Here for your stay, and your day

An extra-special stay, it's all yours

When you travel, you deserve the most from your experiences. As a member of IHG® Rewards Club, free Internet is yours worldwide with us. Select personal stay preferences to customise hotel stays just the way you like them. And that’s not all you’ll enjoy. Take a look at the exceptional benefits we’ve put together, all for you. Remember, when you either redeem or earn more points within a 12-month period, your points stay active in your account.

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Enjoy our exceptional benefits

Free Internet

Free internet worldwide

Stay connected at no charge at nearly 5,200 open hotels and resorts worldwide.

Exclusive Rates

Exclusive rates

Save time and money—and earn points for your stay—when you book direct with Your Rate

Reward Nights Now Count

Reward Nights now count toward Elite status

Reward Nights get you closer to your next membership level.

Rollover Nights

Rollover nights

If you earn more nights than you need for Platinum Elite or Spire Elite membership, they'll count towards next year.

The benefits of travelling well

  • The flexibility to use points to book virtually anywhere, even if we don't have a hotel there
  • Stay and earn at nearly 5,200 open hotels across nine brands around the world
  • No blackout dates for Reward Nights
  • Faster rewards by using a combination of points and cash
  • Save money and earn points when you book direct with Your Rate
  • Redeem points for flights with no blackout dates on more than 400 airlines
  • Exclusive member-only treatment like in-hotel recognition and special offers
  • Earn points through our partners for everyday activities like renting a car, buying flowers, shopping and dining
  • Use your IHG® Rewards Club Concierge for tickets to games, one-of-a-kind items or pretty much anything else you can imagine

Ways to upgrade

Nights and points will help you reach your next membership level, but we also have two additional ways for you to earn Elite status.

  1. Internet accessibility, speed, and connectivity in common areas and guest rooms vary by hotel. Details regarding a property's Internet accessibility will be available at the hotel's registration desk.
  2. May not be available in all regions.
  3. Subject to availability.
  4. Requires 72 hours advance notice. Platinum Elite and Spire Elite members are guaranteed one guest room for personal use for reservations made at least 72 hours prior to the date of arrival, except during special events that result in extraordinary demand, as determined solely by the hotel. Guaranteed room availability is not valid for Reward Nights. These reservations can only be made through the IHG® Rewards Club Service Centre.
  5. Points do not expire for all current Elite members. Once an account moves from Elite to Club, the point expiry policy of current Club members applies: points expire, but only after 12 months of the account having no earn or redeem activity.
  6. Spire Elite members may check in as early as 10 a.m.

    For purposes of determining Elite Status, IHG® Rewards Club points are classified as either Elite Qualifying Points or Non-Elite Qualifying Points. See full programme Terms & Conditions for more information.